Once and Again

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He's the popular jock, she's the smart student council president. Both from different groups of school society.

Eirick is the school team's quarterback. He's pretty popular that guys wants to be like him, girls loves him. You might see him with different girls every week, but his heart belongs to someone. The popular jock is secretly in love with a girl who is way out of his league.

Rafi is the school's student council president and a consistent top student. She's quite beautiful but chose not to flaunt it. She doesn't associate herself with the wrong crowd, and just hang out with her best friends. And she's secretly has a crush on a boy, that is way out of her league.

Can this two different individual be able to meet in the middle or will they drift away from each other.

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  The rain suddenly poured heavily. And because of that, football practice has been suspended. A blessing in disguise for Eirick since his mother called him, and she wanted him present at his father's office. So he immediately left the school once the coach suspended practice. Unfortunately, he got stuck in traffic on his way towards his father's office building. When he got there, he immediately parked his car and entered the building. He swiftly went towards his dad's private elevator, without anyone noticing him. Unlike his older brother who is already training to be the next CEO, and is well respected in this building, he is like a ghost. He can come and go, and people wouldn't notice. When he got into the floor where his dad's office is located, Janice the secretary approached him. "Young master your father is already waiting for you." Janice said. Eirick patted her shoulders. "I'll see myself in, also don't call me young master. I'm not Dranz." Eirick said with wink. Then Erick pushed his dad's office door and walked right in, in his carefree attitude which earned him an eye roll from his older brother.. "What's up? Will this take long? I still need to go back to practice. I have a game coming and I need to win that. The whole team is counting on me, and I need to impress this girl- " Eirick was cut off by Dranz. "A girl? All those just to impress a girl? She's just a distraction! Is that why you're flanking your class?!" "Hey! She's my insperation! I want to be the best for her, because she's the one for me! And one day I will marry her!" Eirick sneered at his brother. "Marry? You don't even know if you can graduate high school, and now you're thinking about marriage?!" Dranz sneered back. "I'm doing my best, okay? I'm just not perfect like you." Eirick grumbled. Ever since he was small, Eirick always felt inferior next to his over achiever older brother. Dranz is smart and a natural when it comes to family business, just like their father. But him on the other hand is a carefree idiot that kept flanking his grades. If he's good at one thing, it's football. He's pushing himself to be the best in this sport so his father will be proud of him, the least. "Okay stop!" Their father exclaimed when he couldn't take all the bickering. "Eirick take a seat." Eirick was about to protest when his brother pulled him to sit beside him. "Cara mia, can you please tell those two why they are here before I get a migraine." Alex said to his wife while rubbing his temple. Marie, their mother rolled her eyes. "Okay, listen up. We called you here today to tell you that we are leaving for Greece this friday, for our family vacation." Marie said. "What? Are you serious?!" "But I have a game on friday!" The brothers whined in unison. Marie took a deep breath. "Shut it!" Marie growled and in instant, both her sons stopped their whining. "Our hotel will be having it's grand opening there. Both your grandparents will be there too. Might as well take this chance to have our family vacation." Alex explained. "But dad, I have classes. I have training." Dranz protested. Alex glared at his eldest son. "I called your dean and he told me you have a week off since you finished every requirements for your classes. You are just being one stubborn student insisting for more school work. This trip is for you to relax and chill for christ sake, also, you can have your hands on training there." Alex said. "How about me? I have classes. I have a game on friday!" Eirick whined. "Your exams are done which I found out are all Ds and some F." Dranz said. Eirick glared at his brother. And then he noticed that he too earned a disapproving look from his dad. "Eirick I talked to your coach, and he told me your game is on friday afternoon. We leave in the evening, so you can still attend your game." Marie said which made Eirick grin. Eirick knew he can always count on his mother. "We will go to Greece to relax, have fun and spend time with your grandparents. If I hear the two of you argue again, so help me god I will not hesitate to throw you in the Aegean Sea! Inteso?!" Alex exclaimed. (Understood) "Si papà" The brothers said in unison. (Yes, dad.) ************************** After their meeting, and Alex dismissed his sons, Eirick didn't stayed anymore and bolted out of his father's office. He immediately left the building and went to a small coffee shop near their school. When he got there, he looked around and went towards the counter to order his coffee. While the cashier was processing his order, she was observing him. "She's not here today." The cashier said. Eirick turned to the cashier. "What?" He asked. The cashier chuckled. "You've been looking around ever since you came in. And I've seen you do that everytime you come here. You only have eyes on one waitress, and unfortunately she's not in today." The cashier answered. "Oh." Eirick said in disappointment. He paid his order and went to sit on his usual spot. When he was comfortably seating, he couldn't help but sigh in disappointment. He thought he could see her and it'll brighten his mood. After his meeting with his family, he was actually upset. First, his brother told their parents his Ds and Fs, then their sudden vacation. And now, she's not here. When his order arrived he thanked the waitress and stood up. He pulled a few dollars and left it on his table, and left the cafe.

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