Flanking Classes

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Eirick After our week-long vacation in Greece, I cannot wait to go back to school. So, I woke up early and get ready. Once I am dressed in my school uniform, I went downstairs to join my family for breakfast. "Good morning guys!" I greeted them. "Bonjour mon fils." My mom greeted in French. (Good morning son.) As usual only my mother would greet me. Both dad and Dranz are engaged on some business conversation or something. I sat beside my brother and helped myself with some toasts and bacon. "Aren't you looking excited today." mom said. "Oui maman. C'est une toute nouvelle journée pour moi à l'école" I told my mom in French. (Yes mom. It's a brand-new day for me in school.) "C'est génial. J'espère que vous apprécierez l'école, c'est votre dernière année de toute façon." my mom said. (That's great. I hope you enjoy school, it's your senior-year anyway.) I smiled at her and took a bite of my toast. "Are you done with your application letters Eirick?" I heard dad ask. And just like that, my happy mood is gone. "Not yet dad. I still can't decide what to take." I said, looking at my plate. "I heard there were agents in your last game. Since you won again, were there any offers?" I heard my brother ask. "There is but, I haven't decided yet." I said. "Why can't you decide? It's just a simple yes or no. Accept or not." Dranz said. "Dranz, pouvez-vous donner une pause à votre frère. Nous revenons tout juste de vacances. Laissez-le profiter de sa dernière année." Mom told Dranz. (Dranz, can you give your brother a break. We just got back from vacation. Let him enjoy his senior year.) "Exactement maman. C'est sa dernière année. Il devrait se concentrer sur son avenir. Son objectif dans la vie. Sur ce qu'il veut faire de sa vie." Dranz argued. (Exactly mom. It's his senior year. He should focus on his future. His goal in life. On what he wants to do with his life.) "Eirick, your brother has a point. Decide on what you want in life. Your mom, and I won't be here forever. You are a Salvatore, start acting like one." Dad said. Again, I feel inferior in front of this family. Maybe I don't want to be a Salvatore anymore. I want to be free without people expecting a lot from me. After I ate my breakfast, I left immediately because I don't want to hear more criticism from my own family. When I got to school, I was immediately approached by my best friends Kirby, and Anya. "So you're back." Kirby said, and gave me a bro hug. "You didn't call you ass." Anya said, with her arms crossed over her chest. Anya has been my best friend since we were in diapers. Our parents are friends, as well as my brother, and her brother. We met Kirby during grade school, and became our friend since then. Kirby has a big crush on Anya, but he can't confess since Anya is head over heels in love with my brother. "I'm back, and that's all that matters." I told them. As we went inside the school building, I was tackled in a tight hug. It was none other than Celene Richardson. The school's most popular girl. "Oh my god! I missed you so much!" She screeched. I gave her an awkward chuckle, and looked at my friends who just rolled their eyes. I pulled away from Celene, but she wrapped her arms around my right arm. "Tell me everything about Greece." She said. I sighed and began telling her stories about my recent vacation as we walk towards our classroom. When we walked in our classroom, my eyes automatically went towards the girl with a dirty blonde hair that she kept in a ponytail. As I walk in front of her, I saw her reading her notes as usual. She never paid attention to her surroundings and just answer occasional questions from her best friend. I took my sit at the back together with Kirby and Anya, as Celene sat with her own group of friends. I was still staring at the blonde girl sitting in front of the class, when our teacher Mr. Diaz came in. "Okay class. Pop quiz!" Our teacher said. Everyone in class groaned and whined, that includes me. ********************* After the agonizing pop quiz, Mr. Diaz checked it right away. By the look on his face, I say we kind of flanked it. "Is it bad to expect to have someone else top my every quiz?" Mr. Diaz paused, and looked at her. "Rafaela Mendez, perfect score." I internally felt so proud of her. She never failed to top every quiz and exam given to us. "The rest, your score is alright as usual." Mr Diaz paused. "Except for you, Mr. Salvatore!" He exclaimed. I cringed at the way he sneered my name. I gave him an awkward smile. "What am I going to do with you? You are a great kid, with amazing talent in football. But why the hell are you failing almost all your subjects?" "I just got back from vacation sir." I said. "Vacation? We're you on vacation since the start of this school year? Because all your grades are a long range of Ds and F. " Mr. Diaz said, then the bell rang. Students began walking out of the classroom. "I'll see you tomorrow class." He paused. And when me and my friends are leaving he stopped us. "Not you Mr. Salvatore." he said. "We'll see you at the next class." Kirby said patting my shoulder. "I'll pray for your soul my friend." Anya said, and they both left me with Mr. Diaz. I groaned and turned back to look at Mr. Diaz. "Eirick, what is wrong? I know you are a great kid, smart even. Is football taking all your time?" he asked me. "No sir." I answered. "Problem at home?" "No sir, it's just." I paused and sighed. "I don't know what I want yet. I don't know what course I will take. I want a name for myself and not stand in the shadow of my dad and brother." I told him. Among all of my teachers, only Mr. Diaz is the closest to me so, it's not hard for me to tell him what's bothering me. "You won't be able to step out of that shadow if you can't graduate high school. What I want you to do is pass all your subjects and graduate high school. And for that to happen, I will assign you a tutor." Mr. Diaz said. "Oh no sir. I'm tired of tutors. My mom gave me tons since I was a kid." I told him. Mr. Diaz rolled his eyes. "This tutor is not like those that tutor the rich and famous." He said.
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