The Tutor

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Eirick "So who's going to be my tutor?" I asked my teacher, Mr. Diaz. Mr. Diaz rolled his eyes. "Ms. Mendez!" Mr. Diaz called. My eyes widened when Mr. Diaz called the name of my supposed tutor. I slowly turned towards the door, and there she was, standing. "Ms. mendez is the only student I can think of that can help you with your studies." Mr. Diaz said. The corner of my lips tugged upwards when she approached us. "H-Hi." I stuttered. She looked at me briefly before turning to Mr. Diaz. "Sir, I don't need extra credits. Tutoring-" Mr. Diaz cut her off. "But Mr. Salvatore here needed that credits. You're the only one I can think of. Can I count on you Ms. Mendez?" He told her. She sighed and turned to me. "I guess I have no choice then. We'll start the tutor tomorrow." She said, then she left. I was left there staring at her retreating back. "I can tell Ms. Mendez is not really fond of you Mr. Salvatore." Mr. Diaz said. I turned to him, grinning like cheshire cat. "But I am. Thank you sir." I said. Mr. Diaz rolled his eyes. *************** The next morning, when we are having breakfast, it's quite rare to see my brother went down late. "Good morning." He greeted, and took a seat next to me. "You came home late last night." I heard mom say. I looked at Dranz then at her, and turned back to Dranz who gave her an awkward smile. "Yeah, I was."He said. "Your car is not in the garage too." Dad said. Dranz opened and closed his mouth and tried looking around. What's up with him? He looks like a fish. "We're you out with your friends?" I heard dad ask. Dranz looked down and nodded. "That's good." I heard dad say. I looked at dad, surprised. He was looking at Dranz. Okay what's going on? "What? I think it's time for you to act like your age and not a freaking old man." Dad said. I frowned. Are they letting him off the hook? Just like that? Tsk. When I stayed out too late, dad already sent out his security team and scold me nonstop. "I agree with your dad, Dranz. You did well in school, and never gave us any problem. It's time for you to have fun." Mom said. I looked at my parents, gaping like a fish. They are letting him off the hook! Why? He stayed out so late last night, and they are not mad. They are quite glad too! This family is not fair! I think they are in a good mood. Then I remembered that my friends asked me to join them in a camping this weekend. It's my chance to tell them. "Great, you guys seems to be in a good mood. So I have this-" I started but he was cut off by dad. "You, on the other hand, are grounded." I gaped at him, blinking twice. "What? Why? No! I can't stay here. I'll go crazy!" I exclaimed, then I turned to mom for help, but she's busy eating. "You're flanking your classes that's why." I heard Dranz mumble, and I glared his way. He ignored me and took a sip of his coffee. "You need to pass your classes to remain on the team, am I right?" Dad asked me. I looked down, pouting and then I nodded. "So you need to study and pass your classes." Dad said. "My teacher already assigned a tutor for me." I told him. "That's great. You can do the tutoring here after school." Dad told him. My face lit up. "Really? Sure!" I exclaimed, grinning. Rafi can spend time with me here. She can meet my parents already! This is great! ******************* After breakfast, I went to school. As usual Kirby and Anya are both waiting for me by the school's entrance. "Did you tell your parents about the camping?" Kirby asked. "Yeah, about that." I paused. "I'm kind of grounded, so I can't go." I told them. "What?!" Kirby and Anya exclaimed in unison. "Why? Damn it. Everything is already set." Kirby whined. "It's not fair." Anya cried. "Dad already made the decision so I can't do anything about it." I told them. "Celene and her friends are also joining us." Kirby said. I let out a sigh of relief. "Great. Don't tell anyone that I am not going. I'll make up to you guys." I said. Anya rolled her eyes. "Whatever." Then we walked towards our classroom as the bell was about to ring. When we got there, my eyes immediately found her. As usual, she was seated in front, with her face buried in a book. I smiled at her as I pass her by to get to my seat. Even if I am comfortably sitting on my chair, my eyes still linger on her. The teacher came and started his lessons, yet my eyes are still on her. Thinking of possible scenarios during our tutorial sessions. Time passed by and yet I feel like time stood still just staring at her. ***************** After the last class, I waited for everyone to leave the classroom before I approach her. "So Rafi, I'm ready for our first session." I said. She stopped stuffing her books inside her bag and looked up to me. "What did you call me?" She asked, and I smiled. "Rafi. Rafaela seems to be too long." I said, and she scoffed. "We can start now? You don't have a practice game or whatever you jocks do?" She asked. I smirked and shook my head. "Okay, take a seat." She said. "Uhm, that's the thing." I paused, and she arched her eyebrow at me. "I'm kind of grounded, so my parents said we can do the session at our house." I told her. Rafi stood up and crossed her arms over her chest. "Your house?" She asked. "Yeah. I'll provide snacks." I said grinning. She huffed. "I have no choice then. Just tell me the address and I'll be there." She said. I suddenly felt disappointed. Earlier I was imagining the two of us going to my house together, but she wants to go there alone. "You are aware that I live in a very exclusive place, right? No one can just come and go. The security is pretty tight." I told her. "So?" She asked. "It's more convenient that we go together. I have my chauffeur-" She cut me off. "I have my own car, thank you very much." She said, then she grabbed her bag. "Besides I don't want anyone to know that I am tutoring you. I don't want to share your limelight, Mr. Salvatore." She added, and left. I just stare at her as she go, but I can't let this go. I need to do something. I pulled out my phone and texted my chauffeur, then I followed Rafi. When I found her, she's walking towards her car. I ran up to her took her car keys, dangling on her hand. She looked surprised, then she glared at me. "What the hell?!" She exclaimed. "I'll drive." I said, unlocking her car. I opened the passengers door for her, then went towards the driver's side. "Let's go." I said and slid inside the car. I saw Rafi scoffed before climbing in. "Buckle up." I said, and we both put on our seatbelts. "Alright, let's go." I said and turned on the engine, and slowly drove off. While driving, I cannot help but smile. I am actually driving Rafi's car, and she's beside me scowling. ****************** When we got to the gate of our exclusive subdivision, the guards pulled us over and did a few inspection. When they saw me behind the wheel, they immediately opened the gate and let us pass. When I turned to Rafi, she looked nervous. "We just need to go through one more security check before we get to our place." I told her. "What's with all the guards and security check? This isn't the white house." She asked. "Those guards are mostly from the Monaco Royal Guards." I said. She turned to me frowning. "Didn't your dad own his own security agency? Why the need for those other guards?" She asked. "It's for my mom. My uncles and grandparents feared that my mom or anyone of us would get kidnapped ." I told her. "I get it that you're super rich. But why the Monaco Royal Guards be guarding your family as well?" She asked. I smiled at her before looking back at the road. "My mom is the princess of Monaco." I said. There was a short silence before.. "What?!" Rafi screamed, and it made me stepped on the breaks. I turned to her, and she's already looking wide eyed at me. "Y-You mean y-you're royalty?!" She asked. "Yeah, I guess." I answered. She sat back, mumbling incoherent words. "Please don't look at me differently. I had enough of them to last me a lifetime. It would be great if you treat me like any ordinary citizen." I told her and continued driving. When we arrived outside our gate, there was another check on the car, before letting us in. I drove a few good seconds before I reached our house. I parked the car just in front of the front door. "We're here." I said and unbuckle my seat belt, before opening the door and stepped out. I watched Rafi stepped out of her car, while looking around. "Let's go inside." I said, and she nodded. We both entered the front door, and the housemaids bowed their heads when they saw us enter. Then our butler Spencer approached us and bowed his head. "Welcome home young master Eirick." Spencer greeted. "Ah, Spencer. This is my tutor Rafaela Mendez. She'll be tutoring me everyday after class, and weekends." I told Spencer. "How are you sir?" Rafi greeted Spencer. "Perfectly fine miss." Spencer answered. "Spencer, can you take Rafi to the library while I change clothes. And I'm kind of craving Imelda's pizza." I said. "Certainly young master." I turned towards Rafi. "Go with Spencer, I'll follow in a bit." I told her and she nodded. I let Spencer guide her towards the library while I went to my room to change into something comfortable. When I'm done, I grabbed my books and went down to the library to start this tutorial session, with the girl that I feel is way out of my league.
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