The Prize

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Eirick My tutorial sessions with Rafi is what I look forward to, everyday. So far I can finally understand our lessons. Just as I expected, Rafi is a good teacher. And I am enjoying learning with her. Since she's been in and out of our property everyday, the guards have grown familiar with her. She didn't need me anymore to enter the premises. Even the house staff are fond of her. My parents didn't have the chance to meet her yet, as well as my brother because they're mostly not home. That's fine with me, because their inquiries can drive her off. My dad can be very intimidating, and my mom can be very sweet that it freaks me out sometimes. And my brother, she's an ass. It's Saturday afternoon in our house's study, and Rafi and I are wrapping up last week's lessons. "I hope you continue to review all our lessons, since finals is just around the corner." Rafi said. "Yeah. I got it. I have the best tutor ever." I said with a smirk. Rafi rolled her eyes and began checking the quiz she gave me. With all the days we spent together, she still hasn't warmed up to me. She doesn't even smile my way, but I can sometimes see her smiling to other people and that infuriate me. While she was busy checking my quiz, I was bust staring at her. "I would really appreciate it if you would stop staring at me Mr. Salvatore." I heard her say. I huffed. "My dad's not here." I said. She looked up to me. "I'm talking to you, not your dad." She said. "You said Mr. Salvatore, that's my dad. My name is Xeirick Jardin, but I prefer it if you call me Eirick like others do." I paused and smirked. "But if you want to call me Honey or babe, I would be thrilled." I teased with a wink. Rafi scoffed and smirked. Then she slapped my paper on my forehead. "Two mistakes. Not bad Mr. Salvatore." She said. I took the paper and look in to it. And indeed, I only have two mistakes. I looked up to her and grinned. "Two mistakes? Really?" I asked, and she smirked. "Yup, good job." She answered. I leaned back to my chair and crossed my arms over my chest. "I did a good job. I think I deserve a prize." I told her. "What prize? You're rich, buy your own prize." Rafi said and she began fixing her notes. "The prize I want is something only you can give." I said. Rafi stopped what she is doing and glared at me. I smirked and leaned forward. "Go on a date with me." I said. Rafi gaped at me, dumbfounded. Then she chuckled. "You really are something." She said shaking her head. Then she continued to fix her stuff. When she's done, she stood up and walked towards the door. She left the study without saying a word, yet I smirked. "At least she didn't say no." I told myself. ***************** About two hours after Rafi left our house, I went to the security house. It's like an apartment for our inhouse security team. I roam around the house until I found my close in bodyguard Robin. "Hey Robin!" I called. "Yes Eirick?" Robin and I are quite close. Among the bodyguards assigned to us, Robin is the closest to my age. He's just a year older than Dranz, and that made him more of an older brother than Dranz himself. Robin is very good with his job as a close in bodyguard and he's fun to be with. He is also quite good with computer games which made us friends. "The girl left already?" he asked. "Yep. I got two mistakes today." I told him proudly. "Congratulations then. So, what do you need?" He asked. "Have you found Rafi's address?" I asked him. I remembered I asked him to find out Rafi's address, a few days back. Robin smirked and pulled a piece of paper from his pocket, and handed it to me. I took the paper and looked at what's inside. It's an address. "Are you sure this is the right address?" I asked him. "Yeah. It's not hard to stick a tracking device in her car. And according to the tracker, she's in that address right now." He said. I grinned looking at the piece of paper. "Robin, get the car ready. I am going to collect my prize." I said. ******************** So Robin and I drove towards the address he gave me. We are currently outside a small house in the suburbs, with a white picket fence. "Are you sure we're in the right address?" I asked Robin. "Yeah. Look, there's her car." Robin said pointing towards the beat up old car, which I recognize as Rafi's. "That's her car alright. But does she really lives there?" I asked. I've never been to this part of the city, and I've never been into one of those houses. It looks so small, how can they fit there with their stuff. Even the security apartment is bigger than their house. It looks small, but it's cute. Like a dollhouse. "Yes. It's just her, her mom and her little brother who is just five years old. Her dad died when her little brother is just a baby. Her mother remarried, but her stepfather is a drunk gambler. He just disappeared one day when Rafi is just fifteen." Robin said. I turned towards him, with narrowed eyes. "You did a background check on her?" I asked. "Sorry, its a SOP." He answered. I nodded in understanding. They have this standard operating procedure where they need to do a background check on every person that came in contact with me and my family. "So, what is this prize you are talking about?" Robin asked. I smirked looking at the house. "I'm going on a date." I said and opened the the car door, before getting off. I ran my fingers through my hair and took a deep breath. Then I walked towards the house's front door. I took another deep breath before knocking twice. When the door opened, a little boy with dirty blonde hair and hazel green eyes poked his head out. This must be her little brother. I crouched down to his level and smiled. "Hi. Is your sister there?" I asked. The boy tilted his head, staring at me. Then he looked behind him. "Rafi!!" The little boy yelled. I heard loud steps coming, and the door opened wider. There stood Rafi who looked at me like a deer on headlights. "W-What are you doing here?" She asked stuttering. I grinned at her. "I came to collect my prize of course." I told her. Rafi rolled her eyes. "I did not agree with you." She said. "You did not decline either." I said. Rafi frowned. "Rafi, who's at the door?" I heard a female's voice coming from inside the house. "Just some peddler!" Rafi exclaimed, while I gaped at her. "P-Peddler? Me?" I asked. "Look I don't like this game you are playing Mr. Salvatore, so I suggest you leave now." Rafi hissed. "I came all the way here to pick you up, and I'm not playing." I said. "I am not agreeing to any of this games-" I cut her off. "You are no declining either, so let's go. I saw a newly opened arcade not too far from here." Rafi was about to retort when the door opened wider and an older version of Rafi appeared. She must be her mom. Her mom looked at me from head to toe. "This boy doesn't looked like a peddler to me. He's too good looking to be a peddler." Her mom said and it made me smirk. I held my hand towards her mom. "Hi, I'm Eirick. I'm Rafi's classmate, and she's also my tutor." I introduced myself. "Oh hi. My name is Rachelle." Rachelle, Rafi's mom introduced and shook my hand. "Nice to meet you ma'am." I said. "Likewise. Why don't you come in? It seems like my daughter momentarily forgotten her manners." Rachelle said, glaring at her daughter. Rafi rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. "He's just leaving mom." Rafi said. Rachelle ignored her daughter and let me inside their house. Once I'm inside, Rachelle closed the door behind me. Then she lead me towards the couch to sit. Their house is small compared to ours but its warm and more homey. Unlike our mansion that felt cold and empty. "Actually, I came here to ask your daughter for my prize." I said smiling, while Rafi was throwing daggers my way . "Prize? What prize?" Rachelle asked. "Our teacher assigned Rafi as my tutor. And for the past days, I seemed to be improving. Just earlier, I got two mistakes from the quiz she gave me. So I asked her for a prize, and that is to visit the newly opened arcade not too far from here." I explained towards Rachelle, but my eyes were on Rafi. "I did not agreed on any of your words Eirick." Rafi hissed. "But you didn't decline." I said. Then Rachelle sighed. "Just go Rafaela. There's no harm on giving out prizes to your student." Rachelle said. Rafi gaped at her mom. "But mom-" Rachelle cut her off. "No buts. Your life is boring. It's just home, school, cafe, cafe, school home. Your routine is really dull." Rachelle said. "It's not boring, I say it's organized." Rafi argued, then she threw a glare my way. "Whatever." Rachelle said rolling her eyes, then she turned to me. "After you're done with arcade please take my daughter for something to eat. She's so skinny, I'm afraid the wind will soon take her." Rachelle said, and I nodded. I turned to Rafi. "So, let's go?" I asked. Rafi growled at me. "Fine!" She exclaimed. I internally fist bumped myself for a job well done. Thanks to her mom, I am able to take her out.
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