Forced to Marry the Billionaire

second chance

Lucas Roman Black, billionaire who literally has everything , an amazing family, closest friends, the luxury of life, all in all, there is nothing he doesn't have, or he cannot buy. Work and family are the only things that's important to him. He has no time for love. well all that changes when he meets Anna Madeline Smith.

"I know why you're friends with my sister."

Lucas had a furious look in his eyes

"She has spent her entire life with gold diggers like you,leave her alone, Anna, get out of her life, do you understand me?."

Anna has never been spoken to like this before, tears were filling up in her eyes, but she didn't want to cry in front of him. but she was hurt and heart broken. The pain was too much for her.

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4 years ago: The first day of college. ______________________________________ "OK baby, this is the last box." My dad said as he brought in the last box in my dorm room. Today was my very first day in college and I am so excited to have this college experience. But my dad, on the other hand, was not happy about all of this. The reason was that my college was really far far away from home and away from him. But the truth is that I had always wanted to come here, to Bishop University and that was because this college is one of the best colleges in America, the best. My dad knows that as well. I didn't really have to convince him a lot. All because he knew I would be safe here and taking care of and will have a great education. But I won't be able to stay with him like we used to before, or even come home some times which really messed his mind. I immediately put down the box I had with me and placed both my hands on my hips as I was really exhausted. I then slowly look around my dorm room again. It wasn't really big in any way but really pretty and bright. That was all I really wanted because this room was giving out a very positive vibe. I can go about my day with a fresh and new perspective and I knew every day wasn't going to be rainbow and sunshine, but I also knew this was going to be a great start. "Okay dad, we are officially all done," I said to him and immediately turn around to look at dad, and the minute I did that, all I could see was his sad little face. That so broke my heart. I don't blame him, I am his only child and it has always been me and him for so long since mom died 8 years ago. Now I was going to get all emotional, great. I could see my dad's eyes wandering around the room in this tiny room. He was probably checking if this room was safe for me or will my clumsiness combined with all these sharp things in this room eventually kill me. I am 100% sure this was the thought in his mind. I mean, he is my father and knows me well enough to know that could be a possibility. And this was the sole reason my dad was very overprotective over me and my well being. I immediately walk up to him and held on to his arms as tight as possible. "Dad everything is fine dad. You don't have to worry." I said to him, trying my best to make him feel a little better but I could clearly see that wasn't even close to helpful. He was still glancing around the room and was on full FBI mood. "Daad," I said trying to get his attention. "I know I know you are going to be safe here Anna, it's just..... what if you have a fever? who will take you to the hospital?." He said to me trying to come up with whatever he really could. I, on the other hand, squint my eyes giving him a small glare. "Really dad?, that was the best you could do?. A fever?. " I asked him which made him look at me weird. He has been doing this for so many weeks now but I didn't budge. This is going to happen and we all have to accept it. When I say we, I really mean dad. "Nothing is going to happen to me here dad, trust me. I will be well taken care of here." I said and dad looked at me one more time and slowly let out a small breath. He immediately nodded his head understanding this was really happening now. "You have to promise me you will call me every weekend and I know you will forget too, so when I call you just pick up or we leave this place and find a college closer to home." He said literally threatening me his own daughter. Never the less he sounded and looked really serious right now. Shh. Although dad never really yells at me, right now he was threatening me and I knew he wasn't going to go lightly on this. So I immediately nod my head, indicating I understood. And at the same time, I wanted to lighten the mood which was slowly created in this room. "When have I not picked your calls?." I said trying to tease him, smirking. But suddenly his face expression change and it was so fast I didn't even see it coming, damn. "You want me to remind you? okay, let's do this." He said and now I panic. "Remember that one time in High School you had soccer practice and forgot to tell me?. I called you a million times and you didn't pick the call. " He said and I immediately let go of him and simply look around the room trying to find something interesting enough to distract me. God this man has the memory of an elephant. Shouldn't have messed with him. "And the time you went to BTS concert and didn't pick my call when it was clearly too late at night." "I was looking at Jungkook and J-Hope while everything around me was blurring dad. And that doesn't count." I said to him. "Fine then, on your prom, you forgot your phone in your locker. I was two seconds away from calling the cops." He said finishing strong on this conversation. It all came in a big ass flow. And it was needless to say all of those accusations were all true. "Dammit," I said under my breath while dad stood right next to me with a big small on his face. I knew he was happy because he won this round. My time will come, father, it will come. "I am not kidding Anna, you are too far away from me and one pick of the call will just let me live another day." He said trying to be all dramatic but at the same time, I knew it was true. If something happened to me I knew dad would go really insane. I was all he had and he was all I had too. So this time I didn't try to sass his or mess with him. Instead, I nodded my head with a straight face. He then immediately bent down a little and placed a small kiss on my forehead. "I promise I will pick the calls dad, I love you." I said hugging him really tight and I knew I was really going to miss him. "I love you too honey." He said to me and I could feel how all of this was really affecting him. We hugged each other for a little while longer but then dad had to leave. The whole day went pretty normal after that actually. I met a few people, talked to them, and some more students. But then later I was very bored so I decided to take a small walk and see the whole campus one more time. You know so that I could get really used to this place. And meeting new people was a lot of fun. Some students were nice and were very easy to talk to while the other was just a plain mean, but like always, it didn't really bother me. Now I know who to talk to and who I have to keep my distance from. I can handle anything, so I am cool. I walked for about one hour and truly I don't even know how that one hour past away. So now that I was really tired and done walking around this huge place I decide just sit down for a while, and so I do. I immediately sit down on the grass watching people say bye to their parents. It was an emotional moment for a lot of kids, and most parents. They were all a mess. "Hey." Someone said from behind me which made me immediately turn around to see a short girl, with blonde hair standing right behind me with a nervous look on her face. She was really very beautiful and she didn't even have to make up on it. "Hey," I said back trying to give her a small greeting, and also I wanted her to calm down. "Can I sit here?." She asked me pointing at the spot next to me. It didn't even take me a second and I immediately nod my head, with a huge smile on my face. And right there and then she smiled right back at me, and this time it wasn't a nervous one, it really looked like she was genuinely happy. Without wasting a second she immediately walked up towards me and sat down right next to me. She places her small bag on the ground. "My name is Anna, by the way, Anna Madeline Smith." I introduced myself to her. She immediately smiles at me. "It nice to meet you, Anna. I am Mia Black. Did your family members leave?." She asked me. "Yeah, just my dad. It was really hard to push him back in the car, but, I succeeded."I said and she laughed at my comment. "What about you?. " "My mum and dad just left. Mom had to pull him away from here. Dad was threatening my teachers and some boys. It was awkward." She said as she recalled all of those memories. It was actually very clear on her face. We both got a little chatty and we didn't even have to try. It was very easy to communicate with her and there never was any weird pause either. I really liked her. But suddenly something or someone interrupted us. We both immediately turned back to see a girl had fallen right behind us and her books were all over the place. "Shit," Mia said and both of us rushed to help her. "You okay?." I ask her as I slowly help the girl up while Mia gathered all of her belongings. She looked at us shyly and nodded her head. "Thank you so much for helping. I am actually not this clumsy, I mean not all the time, just sometimes. But I always try to be careful. I don't do that on purpose either. " She continued panicking for no reason. "I didn't even know my shoe lasses were not tied." She kept blabbing while we just stared at her. It was really funny to watch her go crazy like that though. But suddenly she stopped and looked at us awkwardly knowing she was talking nonstop. "I.....I am savanna Miller by the way." She said as her voice came out like a small whisper. Mia introduced herself and so did I. While Mia immediately helped her tie her shoes. We hung out with each other all the time since then and also got to know a lot of things about each other too. Later on, we met Victoria Future. She, on the other hand, was a bit of a hothead but never the less an amazing person. It was really nice to have these girls around me. They were nice to me, understanding, they are my friends now. Actually the word "best friends". And that brings a smile to my face and that's Because, I didn't have a lot of friends growing up, people where mean and I didn't like that. I truly preferred to be alone and read self-improvement books. I got to know more about the girls too, like Victoria, people don't like her because she was the principal's daughter and she had a good relationship with boys rather than girls. How messed up is that. And Savanna. Nobody gave her a chance because everyone thought she was a cry baby. But that's not true. She is a very strong person, very confident and honest. But never the less we baby her a lot. Mia, on the other hand, she is the sweetest person I know. We all know that the blacks are billionaires, richest people in the country but Mia is so down to earth, that's why we love her a lot.  But back in high school, Mia's so-called friends were friends with her because of her money. She also said because of her brother's too. All her friends wanted to be with her two brothers, and that was the reason for their friendship with her. She was completely heartbroken when she realized the truth and it affected her. Trusting new people was very hard for her but it feels nice to know she trusts us. But that's all behind us now. We all are grown now, in college and we have each other. That is all we will ever need. So it's all good. 

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