Saving the Hybrid's Past

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When the Queen suddenly fell ill, the whole family, pack and coven got alarmed. She’s an invincible Queen, and to suddenly fell ill is really suspicious.

With the help of Amara, they found out what’s wrong. The Queen’s past is in danger, making her present and future in danger.

Now it’s up to her equally powerful grandchildren to save the past to save the present and future.

What’s in the past that needs to be saved?

Queen Camilla IX and Alpha King Lucian.

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“Mother, father, can you tell me a bedtime story?”The young princess asked her parents as soon as they entered her bed chamber.   The King smiled at his princess. He was a fearless King, ruler of his species. But to his family, he is the most loving and caring man. “What story does my princess wanted to hear?”The King asked. “I want the story of how you two met.”The princess answered.   The Queen smiled at her daughter; as she would always ask them to tell her the story how she met her husband. The Queen was the strict ruler of her own species, but she has a heart of gold. “Why would you always want to hear about that story?”The Queen asked. “Because I love hearing it, and I wish someday I would find a love like you to have.”The princess said.   The King frowned and then he carried his princess into his arms. “I don’t think I’d like to see you falling in love just yet Princess.”The King told her.   The young princess pouted. “But I want to find a King too. Just like mother when she found you.”   The King sighed, and then he went towards the bed and laid his daughter. He pulled her thick blanket up to her chin, before sitting at the edge of the bed. “What I want for my little princess is to be a Queen of her own self. I want you to be a strong independent woman, and never let any man take you for granted.”The King said.   The Princess tilted her head. “That’s not a bedtime story father.”She said, and then she turned towards her mother who sat on the other edge of her bed. “You tell the story mother.”   The Queen smiled. “Okay. Once upon a time, there is a vampire Queen who never left the castle but she was feared by many. She possesses the gift of witches that makes her a very powerful ruler.”The Queen started. “She was feared by many except the Alpha of all Alphas; a conqueror of lands, a King. He may have conquered lands but there is one land that he wishes to acquire. The land of the vampire Queen.” the King said. “The King connived with a witch to help him conquer the land and get rid of the vampires. He assembled his army of vicious lycans, and made them attack the castle of the vampire queen. But they failed. Attack after attack and yet they always end up empty handed. They can’t even get past the tree line.”  “The King was furious as their every effort was no use. Then an idea came to him. He sneaked into the castle during the day, as vampire sleep when the sun is up.” The King added. “He got into the castle grounds, went through the garden and stumbled upon a secret passage; a secret passage that led him to a secret garden under a cave. The place was so beautiful, as it was filled with flowers, trees, and it has a small pond that is deep enough for two people to take a dip.”The Queen said, and she looked at her husband. “The Alpha King was amazed by such hidden wonder. He was so amazed by such surrounding when he was startled by a splashing sound. He saw someone move under water, and then his eyes bulged out of its sockets when he saw the most beautiful woman, came out of the surface of the pond.”The King said smiling, and looked at his wife. “When their eyes met, an instant connection was formed. Right then and there, they knew that they are destined to be together. They are soul mates.”The Queen said. “A vampire and a lycan, paired by the Moon Goddess.”The Princess said. “Yes my love. All the desire to conquer the land and defeat the vampire Queen flew out the window when the Alpha King sets his eyes on his mate, his Luna Queen. He felt so complete that very second.”The King said. “But unlike the Alpha King, the vampire Queen was scared. She was scared that the one paired to her was not of the same species. So she ran, she ran away from him.”The Queen said. “But the Alpha King was determined to have his mate. He went back to the same place every morning in hopes of seeing her once again, but she never showed up. He kept going and going until the Queen got tired of hiding and just came out and talked to the alpha.” “When the King finally able to talked to his mate, he felt like he won a hundred wars. Ever since that day, the Queen and Alpha King would always meet in that place while the sun was up. Slowly, day by day, their feelings for each other grew. They fell in love with each other. But when they told their subjects, they were against their union. ”The King narrated.   The princess frowned. The King and Queen smiled at their daughter. “But they fought for their love until their subjects learned to accept their union. Slowly they united their species, and taught them to co-exist. The Alpha King and the vampire Queen merged their lands and built a huge castle in the middle of the former border of their lands.”The King said. “And soon after they began harmoniously living under one castle, the Queen gave birth to healthy baby girl. The princess that is half vampire and half lycan; the first hybrid to be ever born. She is the most precious gift to the Queen and King.”The Queen said, running her fingers through the princess’ hair. “Did they lived happily ever after mother?”The princess asked. “As long as they have each other, they will always live happily ever after.”The King told her daughter.   The princess grinned, and then she yawned. “You better sleep now my love.”The Queen said, kissing the Princess’ forehead. “Sleep my darling princess.”The King said, planting a kiss on his daughter’s head.   When the princess closes her eyes, she immediately drifted into sleep. The King and Queen silently got up from the bed, and walked towards the wooden door. They opened the door and went out of the room, and then carefully closing the door behind them. “She’s growing fast, day by day my love. There is a wide world outside these castle walls, and a lot of threat will come for her. And I’m afraid to see her go when she meets her mate.”The King said worriedly.   The Queen holds unto her husband’s arm as they walk towards their room. “She is a smart girl my love. We will teach her to be strong and independent so she will survive the cruel world. And I’m sure even if she found her mate; she will always need her father.”The Queen told her husband.   “You are right. She is our daughter, and she will be an amazing Queen someday.”The King said. “Our Camilla...”    

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