Danger Ahead

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“Why are all these rogues kept on attacking different packs?!”Camilla exclaimed, slamming her fist on the table.   She’s having a meeting with the council and video call with all the high alphas except the high alpha of Oceana, regarding the more frequent rogue attacks in different packs. “Don’t worry much about it my Queen. We are doing everything to take control of the situation.”Mahad the Middle East High Alpha said. “We will take care of Russia.”The twins said in unison.   Camilla sighed and leaned back to her chair. “What I don’t understand is that these rogues are like multiplying. I am sure a great number of rogues were already killed these past weeks, and yet they still keep coming.”Liam said. “It’s the witches my lord.”Amara said, and everyone looked at her. “What do you mean Lady Amara?”Zab asked. “The black witches are aiding these rogues. They are enchanting these rogues, they casted spells to either turn some humans to rogues or some pack wolves to rogues. They are moving as one; they are really organized.”Amara said. “These rogues are attacking each continent so the throne will weaken. If the throne loses its allied packs, we’ll clearly lose if there could be an all out attack.”Philip said. “Somehow they only attack packs, not the covens. Vampires all over the world are safe from attacks.”Henry said. “That’s a relief and one less of a problem.”Camilla said, and sighed in relief.   And then she slammed her hand on the table. “Those rogues! I want them all gone! I can’t let my people suffer just because of their selfish reasons!”Camilla sneered. “We have come up with new security protection for all the packs your majesty. It can be a bit harsh but it’s very useful. No rogue can enter the pack premises.”Lykos proudly said. “What did you do this time?”Zab asked, and her brothers grinned. “Lasers sister. Lasers are trendsetter nowadays.”Lynox said. “I also came up with a serum that can counteract any kind of venom, poison coming from the rogues. The production will be done in two days, and I will send the first batch of supplies to all continents as soon as possible.”Creon told them. “Well that’s a relief, since the rogues that attacked one pack in Indonesia has a very poisonous bite. Those were bitten immediately died after.”Jamen Kwan, the High Alpha of Asia said. “That’s what I am talking about! They are coming up with some lab experiments again!”Camilla exclaimed. “Also your majesty, these witches; they were spotted a few nights ago in the Stonehenge. My informants said they were doing some kind of ritual.”Connor the European High Alpha said. “Ritual?” “In the Stonhenge?”   They all looked at Amara who looked really troubled. “Amara, what’s wrong?”Camilla asked. “The Stonehenge is believed to be a gate through space and time. Us, witches believed it is a door to the past, present and future, and other realms. A ritual in such sacred ground is bad. It’s forbidden to tamper with time.”Amara said. “Is this bad?”Lykos asked. “Yes it is bad. Even in our culture, tampering with time is forbidden. If one thing changes in the past, the present and future will be affected.”Mahad stressed. “Alpha Mahad is right.”Amara said. “Then we need to exterminate these witches too, so we can stop these rogues.”Camilla said. “Our mate’s Sun Guardians will help you with witch problems as well.”Lykos told them. “We’ll send the new security system first thing tomorrow. We just got a text that the production is done.”Lynox told them. “That’s great. Well done alphas.”Liam told the twins who did a high five. ****************************.   After the meeting, Camilla excused herself and took a walk outside the castle. She was walking around the garden when Amara joined her. “You know it’s been centuries but still, I haven’t found the secret garden where my mom and dad met for the first time.”Camilla said. “Still? I believe you were looking for that since we were young.”Amara said. “Yes, and I still can’t find it. It’s like they took the place to their grave.” “Do you want me to find it for you?”Amara asked, and Camilla shook her head. “I want to find that place on my own, thank you. It’s really important to me. Especially that their birthdays are coming.”Camilla said. “Oh yeah. The Queen and Alpha King’s birthday are coincidentally the same. What are the odds?”Amara said.    “I miss them terribly Amara. It’s been a millennium but I feel like it’s been only a few years.”Camilla paused. “I lost my father when I was eighteen and my mother a few years later. They would have known what to do in this kind of situation. And they would love to see their grandchildren and great-grandchildren get together. There are a lot of things they missed.”   Amara gave Camilla a pat on her shoulder. “I understand you. I miss my mother too. I know she’s a better coven mistress than me, especially when it comes to decision making. She would know what to do with all those good for nothing black witches, especially when she managed to defeat a strong one.”Amara said, and it caught Camilla’s interest. “Really? When was this?”Camilla asked. “A very long time ago. She just told me that story. It was before you were born. She said the witch your father was working with turned to dark arts and attacked your mother instead.”Amara told her. “Why?” “Why? The bitch witch was in love with your father. She thought she’s going to be Luna Queen, but she never thought your father will be paired with the Vampire Queen.”Amara explained. “What happened then?” “My mother said, she attacked your mother when she was pregnant with you. So our mothers have no choice but to retaliate. And since the witch was quite powerful, they didn’t kill her but sealed her into something.”Amara explained. “Wow.” “Yeah, why would you seal someone powerful and be cool with it?”Amara asked. “They clearly lacked the knowledge on how to kill a black witch; something that you accomplished.”Camilla said, and Amara grinned. “Oh yeah. I managed to come up with more stuff than them.”Amara said. “True, so you are the greatest witch to ever live.”Camilla told her. “Nah, but thanks Cam. You are a great Queen too. You raised your children to be strong and independent too.” “Because that’s what my parents taught me.” ******************************.   After the walk in the garden, Camilla went out to feed. It’s been a while since she had fresh blood from the source. And she enjoys the chase too. The adrenaline coursing through her veins excites her.   She fed from a few bucks before she took a run in her lycan form. She run until she reached the hidden path towards the forgotten Lycan Village, the village that her father once lived in.   The whole place was like any other part of the woods; lots of tall, healthy trees. But it has some ruins of what used to be the houses and the main pack house.   Camilla walked around feeling the spirit of her ancestors. The great lycans of white and black fur once roam the place; mighty warriors that didn’t fear anything and conquered a lot of lands.  She shifted back to human and kept walking around but halted when she felt a presence, and it’s not from her ancestors. Camilla turned around only to see a woman wearing black robes. Her fiery red hair was stands out from all the green in their surroundings.   Her silver eyes that terrified the hell out of Camilla stare at her the whole time. Camilla gulped and acts tough. “Who are you and why are you in my land?”Camilla asked the woman, but it didn’t answer. “Hey lady, I asked you a question.”Camilla hissed, and the woman began circling Camilla. “You have his aura.”She started. “But you have her face!”The woman snarled and grabbed Camilla’s hair and began pulling them.   Camilla managed to grab into the woman’s wrists. She twisted them until she lets go of her hair, and then using her telekinesis she pushed the woman until it hits one of the ruins.   Camilla massaged her scalp and glared at the woman. “What the hell is your problem bitch?!”Camilla snarled.   The woman got up from rubble and glared at Camilla. “You shouldn’t have been born! You are an abomination! Your leech of a mother should’ve died in a burning stake!”The woman sneered. “Burning stakes are for witches you idiot! And what do you know about my mother?!”Camilla asked and then the woman laughed.   When she stopped laughing, she held her palms up and looked at Camilla. “Under the darkened moon, the past will be rewritten. A Queen will fall, and a new Queen will rise.”The woman chanted, and then she smirked. “And you will never exist.”The woman said, and then she suddenly disappeared in a puff of smoke. ‘What just happened?’ ‘I don’t know but I think we just encountered a freaking black witch.’    
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