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  Shook to the core, Camilla went back to the castle after her encounter with the strange woman. Even Alcione was quiet about it.   Camilla went to their room to shower before she went down for dinner. While walking towards the castle’s dining room, she felt a little off. She felt lightheaded and she could feel her body getting weaker.   When she got there, Liam was talking with Alex while Zab was scolding Zander for his nonstop playing on his phone. And Zari, she looked like she was having one of her visions again.   And when Camilla walked closer, Zari’s eyes opened and darted towards Camilla. “Grandma!”Zari exclaimed.   Camilla felt really weak, that her knees gave out. Liam immediately came to her side. “Baby, are you okay?”Liam asked, and then he touched her forehead. “You’re not hot, you don’t have flu.”He mumbled.   Zab and Alex went towards them too. “Mom, are you okay?”Zab asked.   Camilla looked at her but her eyes seemed hazy. “Something’s definitely wrong with her.”Alex said.   Camilla wanted to speak, she wanted to tell them not worry but she cannot find her voice. And to make it even worst, darkness began to take over her. And when she lost consciousness, Liam immediately carried her body and Alex opened a portal towards the infirmary.   And when they got there, the staffs were immediately in panic when they saw the Queen unconscious. Creon who was on duty that time immediately began examining his mother once she was laid on the bed.   Creon ordered all the tests available in the infirmary. And while waiting for the results, he had her transferred into the Royal suite. Everyone was waiting dreadfully for the results. Liam just sat on the chair beside Camilla’s bed and held her hand. Alex and Zab would pace back and forth while their children remained seated on the couch.   Zander noticed his sister was pale and looked torn. “What’s wrong with you?”Zander asked but his sister didn’t answer. “What did you see?”He asked again, since he knew that once Zari kept quiet about something she might have seen something. “Demise. That’s what I saw.”Zari said and looked at her unconscious grandmother.   A few minutes later, Creon came in the room with the three Elders. “How is she? Wait, why are they here?”Liam asked. “Because dad, I feel like they need to know what is happening.”Creon said. “And what exactly is happening Alpha Creon? Why is the Queen lying there unconscious?”Henry asked.   Creon sighed and looked at the results in his hands. “The results showed that the Queen’s body is a human’s body with a terminal disease.”Creon said. “What?!”   Zab went towards Creon and grabbed the lapel of his lab gown. “Tell me that results are not hers and what you said is just a prank!”Zab snarled, and Alex had to pull her off her brother. “Creon, explain this right now!”Liam exclaimed. “Dad, I wish I have an explanation but I don’t. This is the result of the tests I did on mom. It seems she’s human right now, and she’s slowly fading.”Creon answered. “What is happening?”Philip asked. “Zari saw something.”Zander blurted, and Zari glared at her brother while everyone else turned towards her. “Zari honey, what did you see?”Alex asked his daughter.    Zari looked at her hands, fiddle with her fingers. “You can tell us.”Liam said. “I saw grandma slowly fading into nothing, like she never existed.”Zari said, and everyone looked confused. “What does that suppose to mean?”Henry asked.   Amara then approached Zari and knelt in front of her, pushing her face up. “Tell me, did you happen to see anything else?”Amara asked Zari.   Zari nodded. “I-I saw a huge war coming; rogues everywhere, around our pack and other packs all over the globe. A-And I saw a woman with red hair leading them.”She said. “What else?” “I saw another scene. I saw grandma emerged from the castle and kill all the rogues, but the woman was no longer there.”Zari added.   Amara stood up. “It seems like Zari saw two possible scenarios that’s going to happen.”Amara said, and then she turned towards Zab. “Can you look into the Queen’s memory?” “Why?”Zab asked back. “I just have a feeling that whatever is happening to the Queen now has got something to do with what Zari just saw.”Amara said.   Zab sighed and then she walked towards her unconscious mother. She sat on the edge of the bed and placed her palms on the Queen’s temples. And then she closed her eyes and began looking through her memories.   She saw the meeting that they had earlier, the walk in the garden with Amara, and then her feeding in the woods and going through the secret path towards the ruins of an old village. And upon walking around the old village, a woman appeared and attacked Camilla. And then she chanted some words and disappeared. That is when she went back to the castle afraid and weak.   Zab immediately pulled away and looked at her other with wide eyes. Alex came to her and held her. “What did you see?”Liam asked.    Zab looked at them. “There is this woman. She attacked mom, and began mumbling some words.”Zab said. “Woman? What woman?”Liam asked. “I don’t know her. She looked out of place. She wore this old looking robes, her red hair was a mess –“ “Red hair?”Zari asked, and Zab looked at her. “Yeah why?”Zab asked. “The woman I saw in my vision, she has red hair.”Zari said. “Do you think the woman that your mother saw in the Queen’s memory and the woman in your vision is the same?”Alex asked.   “We’re not that sure about that yet.”Zab said. “Zab, can you recall the words the woman said?”Amara asked.   Zab fell silent and tried to remember what the words were. Everyone was waiting in anticipation. Liam stood up from the chair and walked towards his daughter. “You can do it honey.”Liam said, and Zab nodded.   She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and cleared her mind and tried to remember. Slowly, she replayed the scene in her mind until she came across with the woman with red hair. ‘Under the darkened moon, the past will be rewritten. A Queen will fall, and a new Queen will rise.’   Zab opened her eyes and suddenly felt scared. “Did you remember?”Alex asked, and Zab nodded. “What is it?”Philip asked. “Under the darkened moon, the past will be rewritten. A Queen will fall, and a new Queen will rise.”Zab recited, and Amara gasped. “What? What is it? What’s wrong?”Liam asked. “The Queen, she was cursed!”Amara exclaimed.   Henry grabbed Amara and made her face him. “Tell me you are joking Amara.”Henry hissed.   Amara looked at Henry. “Henry I wish I was just joking but I am not. The woman was a black witch. And base on what she said, it’s like she will be playing with time.”Amara said. “What do you mean?”Liam asked.   Amara sighed. “The witch will go back in the past to change something. And it will greatly affect the Queen, and us.”Amara said. “What are we going to do?”Zab asked. “This should not get out. If our people knew the Queen is ill, there will be chaos and the rogues will use that to their advantage and attack.”Philip said. “We can transfer mom into her room in the castle. I’ll continue to observe her and give her proper nutrients.”Creon said. “We’ll continue to build the army against rogues, as planned.”Liam said. “And I’ll search more about this curse and the woman.”Amara said. “What can we do?”Zander asked. “For now, act natural and if there’s any development call your cousins.”Zab answered.         
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